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Summer Scholars

Don't Lose it.. Use it!

Give Your Child an Academic Edge and Less Stress During the Next School Year!

Summer is the Much Needed Time off Kids need to Relax and Recharge.

Unfortunately, Countless Studies find that Students Score Lower on Standardized Tests  (Which are Already Stressful Enough on our Stressed Out Kids)  after the Summer Months. 

With the Long Break, Students are at Risk of Summer Learning Loss, which Generally Ranges from a 1- to 3-Month Loss of Academic Skills

At the Beginning of a New School Year Teachers can Spend up to 6 Weeks Re-Teaching Previously Learned Material because Most Kids Have Already Forgotten it over the Summer!


According to the National Summer Learning Association:  “Two-thirds of the ninth grade achievement gap can be explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities during the elementary school years.”   

Help Your Child Soar into the New  School Year Engaged, Stress Free, and Already Aware of the New Ideas  in School!

Let YOUR Child be the Exception!

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Keys to Sucess

 Our Customized Method helps every learner optimize their academic potential naturally.

First, we Evaluate your child based on their individual learning style.  Auditory, Visual, and/or Kinesthetic (A.V.K.) 

Next, we develop a Personalized Plan for Success.

Finally, we Custom-Tailor a Multi-Modal and Multi-Sensory Approach to Understanding that meet your Child's Needs and Abilities.

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