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Could Home Instruction be the Most Successful and Beneficial Option for Your Child?

Ask about our FREE AVK Learning Style Evaluation and Personalized Multi-sensory Learning Packages for ALL New Students

College and Graduate School


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Even College Students Sometimes Need Some Extra Help

Education, Self-Awareness, Mindfulness , Learning - Stay ahead of the class and Don't forget to read my Mindful Blog  for New Strategies and Multi-sensory Techniques 



There is No Doubt that Assessments, SATs, ACTs, Midterms, and Finals are stressing out our kids

Our AVK Learning Style Evaluation can increase Memory Retention by 95% 

Personalized Multi-sensory Learning Packages Focus on the Whole Student's Specific Abilities and Energies 

SAT Crash Course


 The SAT is one of the Most Stressful Tests a Student can take.

 With our Optimized Study Strategies and Multi-Modal Methods

We Take the Anxiety out of the SAT and Help Your Child to be Stress Free!

Rewards Systems


Reciprocal Relationships are what Teaching is Built on. When Students, Teachers, and Parents Collaborate, Learning can become Authentic and Exciting

Check out our Incentive and Referral Programs and Help Create Reciprocal Relationships that Grow like Your Child!

Strategies for Academic Success


Mindfulness, Strategies, Self-Awareness, and Self-Esteem.

We Want a Future Full of Happy, Stress Free Adults!

We Can't do that Without First having Happy, Stress Free Children!

Study Smarter, Not Harder 

Online Tutoring


Virtual Classroom

With the Growth of Online Tutoring, Not only is there More Convenience in the Way your Child Learns, but now you Have the Flexibility your family Needs!

From the East Coast to the West Coast and All In Between Let us Educate You!


With Real-Time Feedback and Data, your Child will Academically Progress From the Comfort of Home. 

A Custom-Tailored Learning Strategy will be Developed to Ensure your Child far Outreaches Their Goals and Your Expectations!

Ask about our Summer Enrichment Program to Help keep your Child Stress Free in the New School Year and Stay Ahead of the Class with our Mindful Blog!

Click for Success

Study Smarter Not Harder

A.V.K. Learning Style Evaluation

Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic Learning Strategies

Increase Memory Retention and Understanding by 95%

Get your FREE Evaluation & Personalized Learning Style Package TODAY!


Its Time to Focus on the Whole Student's Specific Abilities and Energies 

Method into Practice

Enhance your Child's Ability to Perform at the Highest Level

 Multi-sensory Teaching Techniques  Stimulate the Brain so that each Sensory System becomes More Developed and Higher Functioning

This improves Essential Functions of the Brain and Nervous System, such as Listening Skills, Movement, Vision, Tactile Recognition, and Conceptualization 

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Who & Why


Hi, I'm Dominique, and I have wanted to become an educator since the 2nd grade, when my favorite teacher, Ms. Columbel, got to eat cupcakes every time a student had a birthday. I remember thinking, "Yep, that is definitely for me!"...



Developing a Balanced Mind, Body, and Soul - Whole Child Approach that helps anyone to find their Strengths and Master them is the First Step in Academic Success and High Self-Esteem...

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Never Waste Time When it Comes to Education

We are Flexible with Locations and Times and Will Work Around Your Schedule

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We are Flexible with hours and locations. We  work around your schedule and aim to be as convenient as possible!

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